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The brief was to create the branding, identity and print applications for a new boutique hotel in the Gastown district of Vancouver, BC.

Cube and Quarters hotel was created with a focus on affordable luxury, a tailored customer experience and an emphasis on minimalism. The visual design is very clean, with minimal use of color and geometric typography.

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Wink Promo from Zak Woytowich on Vimeo.

Wink was the result of a 48 hour team design slam. The brief was to design a system to solve a current social problem using current or upcoming technology. Our team developed Wink. Wink is a mobile dating app for use with a platform such as Google Glass or smart contact lenses. Users will see other people using the app through augmented reality and if interested, can them wink at the person. That person will be notified, and if interested also, can then wink back and then both will have access to each other’s profiles. Wink breaks down the awkwardness of meeting people in public and is a great way to break the ice. I was in charge of the creative direction and produced all the branding and identity pieces for the project. I wanted to create a brand that was fun, accessible to everyone and have it be iconic, while being simple.

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Great Unknown is a lifestyle clothing company and retailer of men’s and women’s apparel. The goal of this project was to create a tablet application that users could use to explore and purchase apparel while browsing in a retail location, or from the comfort of home. The project started with research and a SWOT Analysis to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the competition. From there I went on to identify who the users would be and create personas, then defined the needs of the users, and then developed user journeys. The next step was to create the wireframes for the application, and finally the creation of the hi-res mockups. The user interface was designed to be minimal, modern and flat. Using a tile-based design with a minimal color palette and bold typography and imagery, the interface appeals to my target demographic of men and women aged 16-30.



Coffers Fine Ales is a new brand of beer brewed from centuries old recipes found in the wreckage of an unknown ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

When tasked to develop the identity and packaging for a new beer coming to market I wanted to create something with some lore and history behind it. After pouring over a bunch of old words, I came across one that perfectly fit the brand and personality I was going for- Coffers. A coffer is a vessel to store one’s valuables and that is exactly what a beer bottle does. Coffers visuals are based on alchemy, old illustrations and woodcarvings. Using striking imagery and fitting typography it all came together to create a beautiful brand identity and packaging to entice customers toward this new brand of beer.

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Coffers Case Study

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