User Experience, User Interface


I had the task of creating a redesigned web experience for that worked across all devices as well as create an Online Practice Knowledge Test that was fully responsive. The process started with many stakeholder meetings to determine scope, timeline and budget and then progressed to talks with the communications team to work out the visual direction.
I interviewed stakeholders and users to find out was was working well with the current site and what needed improvements. This gave us much better insight to the state of the website and good, candid feedback.
During the visual design process I created mockups for both a reimagined homepage experience as well as various interior content pages and components, and then tackled the task of creating a great responsive experience on mobile devices.
The biggest challenge for me during this project was creating a mobile navigation for the site that was able to go 3 levels down and was still intuitive for the user and not overwhelming. I went through many iterations before landing on a robust, yet simple to use responsive navigation that met both the needs of the stakeholders, and provided a good user experience.
After the visual design process was complete, we needed to validate our decisions so I created a usability test script and spent 3 days at the ICBC office facilitating usability testing. During this testing we recorded users going through the newly designed site on two different mobile devices and one tablet while I asked them to perform various common user tasks and then provide feedback. The testing was a huge success and we gained some valuable feedback, though no major design flaws were uncovered.
User Experience, User Interface


I had the task of helping to create a brand new, fully responsive web experience for This was a huge undertaking as they wanted to make information accessible to all users, as well as support large amounts of content. The whole site from start to finish needed to be completed in only six weeks as well.

We wanted to make a bold, image rich site that was visually interesting to all users and could easily provide them with any information they were looking for quickly. Using a paneled approach were were able to call out specific sections on the page, as well as make it easily responsive to mobile devices. This approach also allows content authors a more streamlined content authoring experience.

The site includes a ton of useful content and sections such as an investor dashboard, guides and schedules, products and services, a customer station and various other user focused content sections.

User Experience, User Interface


As the interaction designer tasked with quickly redesigning Habanero Consulting’s Extranet, I developed Mockups based on wireframes from the IA. Working within Habanero’s brand guidelines, and the limitations from building on Microsoft’s Sharepoint 2013, I created a visually pleasing, as well as friendly and intuitive experience for users within the company, as well as customers coming to the site.

Information Architecture, User Experience, User Interface


Solara Casino is an online social casino. As a UX/UI designer on the project I was tasked with creating wireframes, graphical interfaces, icons and marketing graphics all while working under a tight deadline. I was also charged with managing projects through Jira and checking in assets into GIT. This project was very interesting for me, as the content and look and feel were completely different from what I normally produce, so it was challenging, but also rewarding. Working in an agile startup environment was a great experience, and I had the chance to really own parts of the project.



The brief was to create the branding, identity and print applications for a new boutique hotel in the Gastown district of Vancouver, BC.

Cube and Quarters hotel was created with a focus on affordable luxury, a tailored customer experience and an emphasis on minimalism. The visual design is very clean, with minimal use of color and geometric typography.